15 Forgotten Video Game Accessories

When the Nintendo Entertainment System hit back in the ’80s, we saw this influx in the concept of gaming accessories. The light gun was iconic, allowing you to shoot down ducks and cowboys. The Power Glove and ROB the Robot looked godly, but worked like garbage. The Power Pad was a brilliant novelty of the […]

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Rebel Moon isn’t really the Zack Snyder Star Wars everyone was always characterizing it as… but what if it was?

“When Rebel Moon releases in theaters… it’ll mark the end of a 10-year journey. A journey that began with a 2013 rumor that director Zack Snyder was working on some kind of Star Wars movie. That rumor, it turns out, was not true. At the time, Snyder had the idea of taking one of his stories and putting it into the world of Star Wars, but it never got much further than that. You can’t help but wonder though, in the words of another Disney-owned franchise, ‘What if?’”

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